School Cleaning

School Cleaning in Palm Beach, FL

Give parents peach of mind about the cleanliness of their children’s schools. With immaculate and thorough school cleaning from JAN-PRO of Palm Beach, parents need not concern themselves with the cleanliness of the classrooms for that is the responsibility of our cleaning technicians.

Technicians that perform our school cleaning in Palm Beach, FL, receive five weeks of intensive training, learning our company’s proprietary cleaning products and methods. With this training, we clean and disinfect schools and daycare centers. Our company’s higher standard of clean results in a healthy learning environment for children and teachers alike.

Daycare Cleaning Services Using EnviroShield

Bacteria and germs abound in areas where there are concentrated numbers of people, especially children, who may not wash their hands as frequently as their mothers tell them to. That is why we use our EnviroShield system for daycare cleaning services.

With this powerful, yet environmentally friendly system, a patented spray nozzle applies a negative charge to our cleaning and disinfecting solution. This ensures that the solution clings and surrounds any surface that we spray it on.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Educational facilities need antiseptic, antibacterial cleaning to disinfect particular areas, such as desktops, doorknobs, and other highly shared surfaces. Cleaning solution from ordinary spray nozzles may reach some surfaces, but that leaves lots of bacteria that can multiply and spread. Count on our sanitation specialists to customize a plan for an exceptionally deep and effective clean, every time.

Reduce Sick Days with Our School Janitorial Services

Our technicians work to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses. We want to make sure students miss as few days of school as possible. The EnviroShield system is one way we do that. Another is the use of color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths to avoid cross-contamination.

You will see our cleaning technicians wearing backpack HEPA vacuums. These effective vacuums remove airborne pollutants, such as dirt, dust, and allergens. These are especially helpful for children with allergies and asthma.

In addition, the backgrounds of our crews have been thoroughly checked, and they arrive in crisp uniforms, wearing ID badges on every job. You can trust us to provide you with a custom plan for school janitorial services. Combining your requirements with our innovative products and practices promotes the health and well-being of all who enter your school.

Contact us today for school cleaning that reduces bacteria, germs, and viruses. JAN-PRO of Palm Beach proudly serves clients in Palm Beach, Jupiter, Port St. Lucie, Palm Beach Gardens, and Lake Worth, Florida, and the surrounding areas.

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"It's Only Clean When Our Processes Confirm It's Clean."

What is the definition of “clean”? Ask 100 people and you’ll likely get 100 different answers. At JAN-PRO there is only one answer.
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